Promote Your Business with a Cell Phone Case and Save

Our new high-quality cell phone cases are not just a popular photo product for your clients—they’re also a high-impact marketing tool for your photography business. With valuable advertising space right on the case, you can display your photos, add your business name and logo, and you’ve got a stylish billboard that goes where you go.

Top Marketing Tips from Pro Photographers

Achieving professional success in the increasingly competitive photography industry takes more than talent. It also requires a good dose of marketing savvy. Having an amazing website, using social media effectively, and making your clients feel special top the list.

5 Tips to Make Your Curls Last Longer

Today we’re sharing our favourite tips and tricks with you on how to curl your hair to make it last all day! By the way, all these tips also work for hair extensions as well. You can either watch our tutorial below, or keep scrolling down for all of our tips and tricks.

VivaLuxury Jewelry Collection

Today, one of my biggest dreams becomes a reality, and it is with great pleasure that I unveil my debut jewelry collection. I’ve been very fortunate to grow up with two amazing women in my family, my grandmother and my mother. Strong, independent, and above all incredibly intelligent, both of them served as a source of inspiration in every aspect of my life, and when time came to design my very first jewelry collection, I couldn’t think of two people who could inspire me more.